Intersectional lives deserve intersectional approaches to growth and change.

Do you want to change the world?

I’m being totally serious.  The starting point is today.

Are these things true for you?  Are any of them what brought you to my site today?

  • Do you want to live your life in such a way that you leave things better than when you arrived?
  • Do you want your next movement forward, whether as a friend, a partner, a leader, or a parent to be a strong one?
  • Do you want to make a Brave Next Move, a Heroic Leaning In as a justice maker who reflects and works and is willing to change yourself in order to change the world? Do you want someone to join you on the journey? 
  • Do you hunger to work on radical inclusivity and anti-racism programs that are meaningful and achievable?
  • Do you struggle with the ways that you are simultaneously privileged and oppressed in society? Do you find it exhausting to balance leveraging your privilege to advocate for systemic change on behalf of yourself and others while at the same time having to struggle daily for a basic level of justice, equity and human respect?
  • Does your organization want to develop a stronger sense of mission and make changes, or is it trying to manage change that is already happening?
  • Are you seeking relational health, and a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive, accurate sexuality and consent education?

Have you noticed that the things listed above are never just one thing? They are always interrelated.

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” I am so glad you are here!

I gives me so much joy to work with people who are intentional about engaging their challenges and curiosities, with you who can share what you have dis-ease with, what you wonder about, how you want to be better. I love working with people to explore what you can do now, how you can develop, grow, create, and build to effectively change yourself and the world.  Right now. From where you are.  

Your starting point is today.

Please explore this site and the ideas and offerings I share. Pop over to my blog or my Facebook Page.  Reach out to me about what you think I can help with.  All new clients may access a free 20 minute Zoom conversation during which we decide if I am a good match for your needs. Contact info below.


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The JPC Sweet Spot for Growth

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Integrity: it’s a thing. 
A personal moment about a business matter.

Justice and Peace Consulting is how I make my living. I am a consultant, an educator, a person who has informed opinions and shares them. I’ve spent over 50 years learning what I know and making the kind of mistakes that now inform me as I help others avoid them.  Except for information and ideas that I offer for free on this website I charge for my expertise, and I hustle for income in every way possible.  Small businesses in today’s society have to find all the ways to have income, so you will find links on this site that will help me make a living.

Because people have many different opinions (gasp!) about this business practice, especially with justice-oriented businesses, I’m being super clear here about this.

These links are called Affiliate Links. This means that if I blog about a book or product, and there is a link to a site where you can buy that item, I will get a small amount of money if you both use that link and buy the book or product. To be clear, I will be compensated. I will get a commission. A tiny, tiny commission, but commission nonetheless. This notice is legally required, and it is ethically important to me that I’m clear about this.

But wait, there’s more!

Integrity is why this notice is placed prominently on my landing page rather than tucked away in the footer, because here’s the next thing: I will never put an affiliate link to something I don’t support. I’ll never make a list of the 100 worst [something] of the year, and then make money from them.  If I mention something I don’t support and you want to buy it, you’ll have to do the groundwork yourself.  I will not provide an affiliate link.

I don’t have this set up yet (Jan ’18,) but from jump I want you to know upfront that it is part of my business plan.

My landlord thanks you for your support.



This website is under development. Please check back, or reach out if you have questions that aren’t answered here.


More Information:

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Preemptive Radical Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Training and Development

Group Development for All Teams

Sexuality and Consent Education for All Bodies



Look through the site using the drop down menu at the top of this page, links above, or from the detailed menu on the right of this page to learn more, or contact me now set up a free Zoom conversation.  It will be helpful if you spend some time before reaching out clarifying what you think your challenge is, and what type of support you are seeking.