Justice and Peace Consulting (JPC) was founded by Cindy Beal, M.Div.

CB is an educator, consultant, writer, lecturer, and performer who grew up on a small farm, went to college (where she was the fastest dishwasher and short order cook in the world) and seminary (where she once jumped upon the roof to see if certain professors could hear the noise). She was an educator and activist in Philadelphia in the 1980s, and a researcher and educator in western Massachusetts from the 1990s to the present. She lives and works in a rehabilitated mill building, where she photographs shadows thrown by the sun throughout the year. She loves good coffee and vodka, at the appropriate times of day, and geeks-out talking to people about how they want to grow as a person or group.  

It should be noted that CB is the principal of JPC, and works with others in consultation and partnership in many situations. Depending upon your organization’s needs, JPC services may include others as well as Cindy.

Specialist-collaborators on particular subjects may include:
Lynne Marie Wanamaker at lmwsafe.com
Jassy Timberlake and NorthamptonSexTherapy.com

What JPC can do for you:

  • Address successes and challenges in identifying and attaining your vision of who you are and what you do.
  • Help your organization gain a core understanding of what it means to preemptively protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults, and create practices and policies that will balance freedom with maximum safety.
  • Guide and join with you or your group as you explore what Preemptive Radical Inclusion (PRI) means in your context and how you can use it as a framework for anti-bias leadership development.
  • Explore short and long-term challenges and successes in being a justice-creating, radically inclusive organization.
  • Support your organization through change management.
  • Provide sexuality and consent education for all ages, stages, abilities, and bodies — for parents, youth, children, adults, and all in between.
  • Provide specific direction in how your organization can be appropriately affirmative of Gender Creative and Trans* youth.
  • Consult with you as an individual or small group to help attain the big-picture view of the places where you are stuck, and offer concrete steps to move in the appropriate direction.

Cindy will bring her expertise as a broad generalist to you, join with you, help you flesh out your needs and goals, and move you further in the path of development you have chosen.

At day’s end, it’s not just Cindy’s efforts alone that effect change; it is about mutual commitment and trust and the effort that clients put forth. Change and growth happen through hard work and relational magic; Cindy brings perspective and expertise, we roll up our sleeves, and together we explore, grow, and build.


Contact CB at JusticeandPeaceConsulting AT gmail DOT com