I thought about giving this post a witty title, but decided to go old school.

This is a test of the emergency omg I have to write a blog now system.

If this were a true emergency, I would likely be saying things like, “pump your brakes” or “fill your tub with water just in case,” or “take a couple of things out of the freezer then shut it tight till the electricity comes back on.”

But it isn’t.  It’s a test.

The most fun so far (by which I mean not fun at all) is that I can’t find this page when I look for it.  I mean, I see it here right now as I type “A New Post” but when I hit publish, I can’t find it.  Kind of like sex education, if you think about it.  What we learn in a nice linear fashion, with bells, whistles, jokes, asides, pictures, graphs, and demonstration materials becomes just so much blahblahblah when we get up close and personal with someone for the first time.  We can’t find the page.  We can’t remember where we put the protection.  We struggle to remember that consent is ongoing, and that means being able to find the page again and again and again and make sure our partner is on the same one.

Weak metaphor or no?

It’s what I’ve got.

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my brain.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. A great beginning, and I’m excited to follow your journey. Looking forward to your funny, your vulnerable, and your wise musings.

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