Organizational Growth and Development

Group Development, Interim and Transitions Work,
Mission Focusing and Visioning, Change Management, Adaptive Leadership, Systems Work —
There are many ways to say, “We have to change now,”
or more often, “We’re changing, how do we manage it?”

There are so many ways to talk about getting from here to there, and even more when we’re not entirely sure where “there” is or if we are part of a complex team and the metaphorical roads are diverging in a yellow wood and there are multiple strong opinions about which way to go.CB JPC team building group development consulting (2)

Whatever the particular change management and development model needed for a particular group, Justice and Peace Consulting (JPC) moves with you into the situation, listens, asks questions, and then offers insight and perspective to work with leaders to make thoughtful and reflective decisions. We focus on decisions about the purpose, mission, and ideals of your organization, and what seem to be the next steps in development. When that is clear, we move out from the realm of the ideas into the real-life questions of how people will need to think and act differently so that change is meaningful and lasting.  

JPC brings expertise and insight as we help your organization do the work of change management

Programs, groups, or organizations are developed and moved forward by working strategically with some pretty concrete tasks. Exploration, reflection, thinking and sharing, and decision-making are the work of the organization. JPC provides guidance, direction, and insight to that work.

As with all “process” experiences, the work involves leadership, perspective, and time as well as the client’s ability to process/listen/reflect well, be open to new information and learning and willing to make decisions when the time comes.

JPC works with you to help your organization:

  • Gain a common understanding of what the work of your organization as been, how it developed, what parts of it continue to serve the purpose and mission of the organization, what parts must be set aside or replaced, and even if the purpose or mission has changed.
  • Explore mission—in light of the organizational mission, explore together what is the particular charge to this program in terms of serving the group and the larger community.
  • Explore leadership options—from the expansive vision of what is possible to logistics/finances, we examine the synergy between what the organization wants and what the organization is able to commit to in terms of time, talent, and treasure.
  • Make connections with others who are doing the work, and with those who have different perspectives, more experience, or new ideas.
  • Make decisions about the future, and concrete plans about how to get there.

This work frequently involves both group processes and executive coaching of leadership.

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