Services to Support Start Up Social Action Groups

People are organizing around specific issues and crises more and more.  During a time of crisis, everyone’s attention is on the immediate goal, and generally united and and focused.  As the precipitating crisis passes, and we get down to the longer term need for responsive and solid infrastructure that will help get the work done, won’t get in the way and take too much energy, and will provide direction and guidance for the particular work of that group.

No group or organization can do all the things.  We will help you structure or re-structure your group, ask the questions to help identify your purpose, and support you as you figure out a way to manage communications and decision making to support that purpose.

Few people sign up in a crisis to join an activist groups to invent infrastructure/paperwork/administration, and so it gets left and unnoticed until the first significant conflict.  And then everything is suddenly hard, painful, and confusing, with no agreed upon plan for managing different ideas, opinions, or behaviors.

There are many different ways to structure groups
that respond to injustice.
There is no universal right way to organize,
but there is likely the right way for your group.

There is no reason for your group to have the expertise in both responding to the injustice that is your passion, and in how to create an organizational structure with all its communication/decision making/opinion gathering/prioritizing/boundaries and safety duties.  No reason you should have expertise in both.  That’s where I (CB) come in.

My specialty is working with an existing group that has suddenly changed course because of outside forces.  The previous structures may not be sufficient, (“We have a chair, but she doesn’t have time to make all these things happen”) or lithe enough (“We used to have monthly meetings, but now we have to decide how to respond to this thing on Tuesday) or flexible and responsive enough (“there are four people who want to do five different things, and how do we decide what to do, and what is consistent with out larger mission?”)