Sexuality Education for All Bodies

Justice and Peace Consulting affirms that all bodies are good bodies, that all of us should be able to live lives that are free of shame and full of consensual, healthy, pleasurable and embodied relationships.  A body that experiences both Justice in relationship and bodily autonomy will be truly able to access peace and well-being.

This ranges from workshops to help parents or care providers teach toddlers about using their words and check for consent in play with other children to raising teens who are able to ask and articulate what they do and do not want in terms of emotional and physical interaction with others, to working with adults as parents, as teachers, or simply as people who are themselves increase their sexual knowledge. These include providing information that is comprehensive and developmentally appropriate.

In a culture that more readily provides opportunities for either objectification of the bodies of people we do not know, whether in media or on the street,  than actually conversing about our real lives and experiences, it is life changing be able to have shame free open conversations.  Cindy talks about bodies and sexuality in a healthy, open way, and JPC workshops are full of information, laughter, personal introspection and are conducted in a trauma sensitive way.

Our offerings range from 20 sessions for adolescents on holistic sexuality, to one time workshops on a particular topic.  Cindy gives talks and sermons designed to be educational and inspirational for your group or congregation. Sample workshops are listed below.

  • Beyond No, Go, Tell: Raising Children to Understand Boundaries and Consent
  • What’s Appropriate, Anyway? Age and Developmental readiness for sexuality conversations
  • It’s Not a Secret that I am a Sexual Person, but the ways I am Sexual are Private. Talking about sex and sexuality with children.
  • I couldn’t stay on the Farm—Gender Non-conforming and Trans*/LBGQAI youth in rural America ( a talk)
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault: a workshop for student staff at colleges (and others)
  • Bodies Are Awesome, Everyone Should Get One!  Oh, wait.  A workshop on embracing choice and pleasure with knowledge and communication
  • Supporting Gender Creative and Trans* children and youth in schools and youth-serving organizations (A workshop for professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents)
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education for All Genders (workshop series for all age-levels, with expectations of body and gender diversity embedded in each lesson)
  • “Our Whole Lives” Comprehensive, Developmentally Appropriate Sexuality Education courses at all age-levels, Kindergarten through adult and Our Whole Lives facilitator trainings for the elementary and adult levels.

Sometimes these workshops are offered in collaboration with Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, at their offices in Florence MA. We also, in collaboration with Lynne Marie Wanamaker, offer Safe Communities workshops and processes for organizations to be intentional about becoming safer for children and vulnerable adults.

Consulting and Mentoring for teachers, parents, and others who want support, insight, or learning on a one-on-one basis is also available, in person or by video conferencing.

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