Consent and Healthy Sexuality Workshops for Parents and Caregivers

Some of the workshops available include:

Beyond No, Go, Tell: Raising Children to Understand Boundaries and Consent
In this workshop we explore concrete behaviors and language you can teach your children long before they are in sexual situations, so that setting physical boundaries and giving consent in sexual situations is a continuation of a skill set they already master. This includes bodily autonomy at all ages, creating a safe environment for children to talk about comfortable and uncomfortable touch, how to manage extended family and social group boundaries.

What’s Appropriate, Anyway? Age and Developmental readiness for sexuality conversation

In this workshop series, we explore “sexuality” as a broad category encompassing intimacy, sexual health and reproduction, identity, body awareness, and values. We look at the standards of developmental readiness for certain kinds of information and discussion, and get a broad understanding of how this readiness expresses itself. We talk about and practice answering children’s questions appropriate to their age and explore how responses will change as children (and we!) grow.

It’s Not a Secret that I am a Sexual Person, but the ways I am Sexual are Private. Talking about sex and sexuality with childrena picture of mountains at a great height and the words "It's not a secret that I am a sexual person but the ways I am sexual are private. Children have questions. Adults can provide answers with boundaries, respect, and affirmation. Bodies are awesome, everyone should get one. Oh, wait.... Cindy Beal, M. Div. Justice and Peace Consulting

This one is a favorite!  We embrace the ambiguity and complexity of wanting to be honest with our children and teach them that they can share with us while still keeping our own sexual boundaries and practices private. We explore how to discuss intimacy, boundaries, sexual health and reproduction, identity issues, being body positive, and sharing our values while keeping the conversation centered on our young people.

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