Preemptive Radical Consent

Preemptive Radical Consent: Navigating healthy communication in relationships with skills of invitation, curiosity, and respect.

We tend to think of consent as an experience of agreement that has to do with sex.  But consent understood more broadly is about proactive respect for others’ boundaries in any setting, as a way to engage in ongoing explorations of what is enjoyable for everyone involved. Young people learn how to negotiate about what to play, what to get on their pizza, which movie to see. They learn to notice their desires, ask for what they want, receive another’s description of their desires, and either proceed with their planned activity, or manage their disappointment and try something else.

From first contacts on social media sites, in classes, or casual dating to long-term relationships, there are ways that our communication choices enhance a culture of consent or undermine it.  The more clearly we demonstrate our respect for people’s boundaries, the more desirable we are as partners in any type of relationship structure.

This introductory workshop will explore the basic ideas, and give participants the opportunity to practice some skills of invitation,  curiosity, and respect.

Available in 1.5, 3, and 6 hour experiences for Age 12-16, 14-19, or Adult.

Premptive Radical Consent is ongoing