What People Say

I reached out to CB during a challenging time in my career. CB was a rockstar offering a mixture of concrete support, big hearted acceptance, and a humane understanding of conflict which allowed me to respond intentionally and safely to a potentially explosive situation. Utilizing humor and brains, CB is a real deal straight shooter offering kindness, insight, compassion with practical know-how.
~Michael Carter, LICSW

“Cindy is an amazingly gifted facilitator and workshop guider. I had the fortune to attend one workshop on being mindful of who is in the room when you teach. As the Conference Coordinator I saw she received the best feedback from all of our workshops and was invited back to next years picture of Cindy facilitating, with Brian Flaherty and Kim Magnotta Comatas of Partners in Sex Education and others in the groupconference so that more people may experience the growth many of us felt. As a participant I was at complete ease and felt supportive in a non judgement space as the group considered many possibilities. It was a surprisingly spiritual as well as an intellectual experience.

That’s hard to do. Cindy is clearly gifted. I highly recommend the opportunity to join one of her workshops or to seek her out to present at one of your conferences.”  ~ Kim Magnotta Comatas

I was amazed. Truly a paradigm-shattering experience.  ~James O’Deorain

“CB is a fabulous presenter, able to make even the most uncomfortable topics feel less so.  They win the room with their humor, and CB is skilled at sensing what participants need in order to fully engage.  CB creates a safe space for the really hard and important conversations we ought to be having.”
~Kimberly Sweeneyhead pic of me facilitating laughing

Just yesterday, I quoted CB’s notion of “preemptive radical inclusion” in a training I led for teachers.  CB is a smart, compassionate, and engaging trainer.
~Rev. Michael Tino

“CB is an original thinker. After my organization had doubled in size in the space of a year, bringing all the usual growing pains that accompany such growth, CB created and led a one-of-a-kind group retreat tailored to fit our center’s social justice mission with a focus on identifying shared values and forging a cohesive group identity. Their leadership style is playful, experiential and creative. Moreover, CB is highly attuned to the dynamics of a group, and is able to skillfully identify the path forwards. CB is a master at creating possibilities for meaningful conversation in places where others fear to tread and creates safety for difficult dialogues using humor, a disarming forthrightness and a gentle challenge to people to let the best in themselves step forward. I have no hesitation in recommending CB to other organizations who are looking to create change, ease conflict and grow into a state of grace.”

~Jassy Timberlake, M.Ed., LMFT
Director at Northampton Sex Therapy Associates

“Cindy’s style of facilitating a multiple day workshop focused on having awkward conversations about sexuality with teenagers was enviable. I learned so much…not only about the content, but also about the process of creating safe and encouraging space, engaging participants at various stages and styles of learning and about presenting material in meaningful, relevant, and relate-able ways. Top notch facilitator and role model!”
~ Cynthia Rosengard,  Psychologist specializing in gender health & Associate Professor @ Brown University School of Public Health.

CB is a dynamic facilitator with a wealth of information, compassion and humor. They are masterful at engaging every learning style, every personality type, and every level of knowledge at every moment. CB creates a milieu of radical welcome that invites participants to take risks and honor differences. I’ve taken trainings with CB and invited them to present at conferences I have run and in both contexts they have been delightful to work with.
~ Mr. Barb Greve